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    Banquet Luncheon Menu

    Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
    traditional Caesar salad topped with grilled chicken 11.99

    Harvest Salad
    crisp greens, sliced apple, dried cranberries & bleu cheese crumble tossed with olive oil vinaigrette & finished with slivered almonds 10.99
    add grilled chicken 12.99

    Julienne Salad
    with julienne ham, turkey, american & swiss cheese served with choice of dressing on the side 11.99

    Chicken Salad Croissant
    our homemade chicken salad served with a croissant and fresh fruit side 10.99

    Open Hot Roast Beef OR Turkey Sandwich
    with our own pan gravy & served with mashed potatoes 11.50

    BBQ Pulled Pork
    on a bun served with coleslaw & home fries 10.99

    Cheddar & Bacon Quiche
    served with fresh fruit & home fries 10.99

    Chicken Parmesan
    with your choice of potato & vegetable 12.50

    "Scampi" Style Haddock Fillet
    fresh fillet broiled with Italian seasoned bread crumbs served with potato 11.99

    Baked Sliced Ham
    with natural juices served with your choice of potato & vegetable 11.99

    Mediterranean Pasta
    asparagus, diced tomatoes, kalamata olives, fresh spinach, fresh garlic & feta cheese tossed with olive oil over penne pasta 12.50

    all our luncheons include choice of soup or house salad, dessert & coffee service
    Prices do not include sales tax or gratuity

    Luncheon Buffet Options

    Option #1
    Soup & Sandwich Buffet
    featuring two homemade soups, sliced deli meats, cheeses, breads, condiments, relishes
    cottage cheese, fruit salad, pasta salad, dessert & beverage 10.99 per person

    Option #2
    Taco Bar (*requires minimum 40 people)
    seasoned ground beef, seasoned chicken, pulled pork, lettuce, tomato, avocado, shredded cheese, sour cream, salsa, hot sauce, black olives
    chopped onions, black beans, jalapenos, soft shells & nacho chips
    Spanish Rice
    Dessert & Coffee 11.99 per person

    Option #3
    Salad Bar (*requires minimum 40 people)
    mixed greens, chopped romaine, torn fresh spinach, ham, turkey, grilled chicken baby shrimp, bacon crumbles
    shredded cheddar, mozzarella & asiago cheeses, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, green pepper, cece beans, carrots
    hard boiled egg, broccoli, sliced almonds, tortilla strips, rolls & butter
    Dessert & Beverage 11.99 per person "Add 1 homemade soup 13.50 per person"

    Option 4
    Baked Sliced Ham
    "Scampi" Style Haddock Fillet
    Sliced Roast Beef "au jus"
    Baked Macaroni & cheese OR Penne Pasta Marinara
    Butter & Parsley Red Potatoes
    Served house salad, rolls & butter
    Dessert & Beverage
    13.99 per person

    Prices do not include sales tax or gratuity


    Dinner Menu

    Roast Prime Ribs of Beef
    12 oz. cut 22.99

    Char-Grilled NY Strip Steak
    12 oz. cut 20.99

    Sliced Beef Tenderloin
    with bearnaise sauce 22.99

    Italian Seasoned Haddock
    baked fillet topped with seasoned bread crumbs & a touch of garlic 15.99

    Shrimp "Scampi"

    Baked Salmon Fillet
    with dill cream sauce 20.99

    Mediterranean Pasta
    asparagus, diced tomatoes, kalamata olives, fresh spinach,
    feta cheese & fresh garlic in olive oil
    over thin spaghetti 16.99

    Chicken Parmesan

    Chicken Stir Fry
    grilled chicken over stir-fried vegetables & rice 17.99

    Spinach & Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast
    with honey mustard sauce 18.99

    Chicken Bruschetta
    grilled chicken topped with roasted tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, fresh basil& parmesan cheese
    drizzled with balsamic glaze 17.99

    Cheese Ravioli
    with sun-dried tomatoes in garlic cream sauce finished with fresh basil 16.99

    Baked Sliced Ham
    with pineapple & cherry glaze 16.99

    Boneless Pork Chop
    with warm cherry glaze 16.99

    Don't see something you would like?Feel free to ask!
    All Dinners include house salad, rolls, potato, vegetable, dessert & coffee service

    Prices do not include tax or gratuity

    Banquet Menu

    Dinner Buffet Menu

    Option #1
    Homemade Lasagna
    Moonwinks' Chicken "Marsala" (chicken in marsala wine with plum tomato strips)
    Mashed Potatoes
    served house salad, rolls & butter, dessert & coffee service $15.25 per person

    Option #2
    Sliced Roast Beef "au jus"
    "Hunter" Style Chicken (in brown sauce with diced tomatoes & a touch of mustard)
    Swordfish Kabob (light tomato sauce with peppers & onions)
    Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Vegetable
    served house salad, rolls & butter, dessert & coffee service $16.50 per person

    Option #3
    Moonwinks' Chicken Marsala (in marsala wine sauce with plum tomatoes)
    Sliced Roast Beef "au jus"
    Baked Sliced Ham with Warm Cherry Glaze
    Seafood Macaroni & Cheese
    Rosemary Red Potatoes & Vegetable
    served house salad, rolls & butter, dessert & coffee service $17.25 per person

    Option #4
    Carving Station with your choice of two: Top Round of Beef, Baked Ham, Boneless Pork or Turkey Breast
    Seafood Newburg over penne pasta
    Chicken Coq au Vin
    Brined Pork with Bourbon Braised Apples
    Cheese Tortellini with sun-dried tomato & garlic cream sauce
    Duo Mashed Potatoes (half white & half sweet potatoes)
    Butter & Dill Red Potatoes
    served house salad, rolls & butter, dessert & coffee service $19.25 per person

    Upgrade to a Salad Bar for only $1.50
    Upgrade to a Enhanced Salad Bar for only $2.50
    Requests for substitutions are welcome!
    Prices do not include sales tax or gratuity


    Hors d'oeuvre Menu

    Cuba Cheese Tray
    '"with assorted crackers"''
    Roasted Garlic, Feta & Walnut Dip
    "with toasted pita bread"
    Apple & Bleu Cheese Chutney
    "with crostini"
    Fresh Seasonal Fruits with Dip
    Tortellini Caprese Bites
    cheese tortellini, grape tomato & fresh mozzarella drizzled with vinaigrette
    Strawberry & Marscapone Bruschetta
    Fresh Raw Vegetables with Dip
    Peach & Bleu Cheese Bites
    Deviled Eggs
    Mini Pulled Pork Tacos
    Baked Brie Bites
    Stuffed Mushrooms
    "your choice of Spinach & Feta, Sausage, Crabmeat or Bleu Cheese"
    Sausage Stuffed Banana Peppers
    "with marinara sauce & mozzarella cheese"
    Baked Sausage & Cheese Dip
    "with tortilla chips"

    _Brie Torte (brie wheel filled with dried cranberries & chopped pecans)__
    Sweet Potato Tarts
    Mini Chicken Chimichangas
    Sausage Rolls
    "sausage & dijon wrapped in puff pastry"
    Variety Pizzas
    Firecracker Chicken Meatballs
    Asiago-Artichoke Dip
    "with tortilla chips"
    "your choice of Swedish, Cranberry-Pinot Noir or Marinara"
    Grilled Vegetable & Goat Cheese Baguette
    Jamaican Chicken Strips
    Mini Artichoke Tarts

    Carving Station Options~~

    • Royal Round of Beef
    • Black Oak Ham
    • Beef Tenderloin
    • Oven Roasted Turkey Breast
    • Pork Loin

    station includes appropriate condiments & mini rolls

    Also available~~

    • Seafood Station
    • Pasta Station
    • Salad Station"